Justin Miera is unique to both music and education. He is an accomplished musician on woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments performing in a variety of idioms including classical, yoga, meditation, rock, jazz, blues, rap, reggae, Afro-pop, Latino, new age, folk, original and children's. He has composed collaboratively with several choreographers for modern dance. Justin has done studio engineering for such producers and artists as Dik Darnell, Steven Halpern, Kenny Passarelli, Giant Steps, Irie Still and Brian Savage. He has produced and arranged several album projects for Etherean Music including the award winning Chakra Chants with Jonathan Goldman. As a music educator he has taught from pre school through college levels in general, vocal and instrumental settings. Through music he expands his content scope to include geography, science, math, social studies, history, movement, drama, and visual art, thereby making these other subjects fun and relevant to students. He is currently teaching general, choral and instrumental music for children from age 3 through 14 at Graland Country Day School in Denver, Colorado. He has a bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Northern Colorado and a master's degree in Education fro Regis University.

Justin has performed over five hundred of these interdisciplinary programs to all ages and in many settings: pre-schoolers, libraries, elementary assemblies, junior high arts workshops, detention centers for teen offenders, senior care centers, and multi-generational festivals. These programs include Circle of Friends (a trip around the world), Friends of the Earth (scientific exploration of the elements), A New World (history of the Americas from Columbus to the present), Apples and Bananas (food and nutrition), All That Jazz (African & American musical history), Creepy Crawlies (scientific exploration of insects and other creatures), and Playin' The Game (sports and exercise from around the world).

Justin also has a published book and two entertainment albums distributed through his own company, Circle of Friends Publishing. The book/CD Music to Shake the Papaya Down is a music education guide for parents and teachers of 3-7 year olds. All That Jazz is a recording that explores African and American musical history. The Bothers and Sisters disk is an entertaining trip around the world. Justin also presents workshops to parents and teachers on music (Papaya Music Workshop), movement (Shake a Leg), and multi-cultural education (Brothers and Sisters). These workshops have been held for schools, community groups, regional conferences of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and college certification programs. He has also led interdisciplinary workshops for Colorado Alliance for Arts Education and Colorado Music Educator's Association.

Music is a vital part of every child's life, and it is also the most powerful link to helping parents and teachers enrich those formative years.

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