Justin's Newsletter for Summer 2009

This summer the Denver Public Libraries are using the theme "Be Creative" for their Summer Reading Program. Being creative is sometimes as simple as making a choice: which color, movement or word to use. The sing along for this season invites you to create your own lyrics.

The song "Colorado" was written by Dave Allen and Paul Calwell as part of their work in Up With People. It is so widely know in Colorado that it was even proposed as the state song. "Where The Columbines Grow" still holds that distinction. In the song you choose mode of transportation to get to Colorado and the sound or effort you have to exert. The sing-along mp3 only has three verses, so you and your family will want to create your own dozen or so verses.

Wagon = Ride

Bike = Peddle

Rocket = Zoom

Train = Chug

Colorado mix.mp3
Colorado lyrics
by Allen/Calwell
If I had a wagon I would ride to Colorado,
Ride to Colorado,
If I had a wagon I would.
If I had a wagon I would ride to the state,
Where we all can stand a mile high.

I will be performing the "Be Creative" program only twice this summer. Here are the dates and locations for those and my fall bookings. I hope to see you all soon.
Date, Day, Time
June 9th, Tuesday, 10:30
Denver Schlessman Library

100 Poplar Street (1st and Quebec) 80220


Be Creative
July 30th, Thursday, 2:00
Denver Central Library 14th & Broadway, Children's Pavilion
Be Creative
October 10th, Saturday, 10:30
Denver Eugene Field Library

810 S University Blvd

(303) 777-2301

Creepy Crawlies
November 14th, Saturday, 2:00
Denver Central Library 14th & Broadway, Children's Pavilion
Apples and Bananas

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