Parent's And Teacher's Guide To Music Education For Children Ages 3-7

This 80 page book and companion CD is a fun way to teach music and bridge the gaps between parents, teachers and young children. Justin Miera makes music easy to use and understand regardless of your musical ability. Each lesson provides an excellent opportunity for you to musically interact with the kids!
"In this book and accompanying tape, Miera has brough together varied music activites which reach towards developing the whole child. His caring nuturing attitude towards children is evident throughout. Parents and teachers will find Miera's work a rich resource."

Elza Daugherty, Ed.D

Former Chairman Music Education Dept. University of Northern Colorado



27 Traditional, Multicultural and Original Songs
Over 100 Activities
Moving - Singing - Playing
Compsoing - Manipulating - Listening
Coloring Pages
Companion CD...with all the songs

Bothers and Sisters - All That Jazz

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