Creepy Crawlies,

Animals All Around,

Brothers and Sisters,

All That Jazz,

A New World,

Apples and Bananas,

Friends of the Earth,

Playin' The Game,

Sail the Seven Seas






These are all theme based programs with strong curricular ties to a variety of subjects. More importantly, they are all FUN!

Here are some great workshops for teachers and parents:


CREEPY CRAWLIES (ages 3-9 years)
A wonderful musical look at insects, bugs and other tiny creatures: mysterious, scary, necessary and very very FUN! They live all over the world and everyone sees them differently. Australians play a didgeridoo hollowed out by termites. South Americans musically marvel at the beauty and diversity of Las Mariposas (butterflies). Wasps are used to catch apple worms in Colorado. This program is great for integrated music, science and geography.

ANIMALS ALL AROUND(ages 3-9 years)

This is a musical story about an Arctic tern named Flit who is blown off her 12,000 mile migration journey. To find her way back she travels across the continents meeting other migratory and sedentary animals. She also learns about the unique nature of each new friend, their uncertain relationships with the environment and the importance of her missing family. Children love animals and they will easily identify with them through these geographic, scientific and social themes. Everyone gets a chance to sing, dance and even act.


BROTHERS and SISTERS (ages 3-12 years)

A trip around the world with interactive music,stories, languages, games and movement. Brothers and Sisters offers geographic relevance that is especially appreciated,and often requested by those who want their children and students academically and culturally inspired.


ALL THAT JAZZ (all ages)

This program is about African & American history, the heros and their stories. It begins with the music of West Africa and then explores slave songs, spirituals, blues, jazz, calypso, improvisation and rap. Audience members sing, dance and play instruments throughout the show.


A NEW WORLD (ages 6-12 years)

This is a fun musical rethinking of the quincentennial voyage of Columbus.It explores how people from around the world migrated to the American continents.Their arrival began a great mixing of cultures with the indigenous American Indians. A New World discovers how our realities keep changing: flat earth, acceptable slavery and our transportation. Students have the opportunity to look at the future of our new world without fear of change.


Food is one of the most relevant and fun things in a child's life. Still, many children are not familiar with where food really comes from, why it is good for them or even what to call it. Apples and Bananas takes an entertaining musical look at the three food groups of fruits, grains and vegetables and makes sense of their origins and values.We also touch on the issue of hunger, as endorsed by UNICEF, and how to help solve it .



The environment in which we live has become polluted to an unhealthy and intolerable condition. Steps must be taken to clean the earth and preserve it for future generations. These first steps are small, the steps of our children. Friends of the Earth explores through music the elements of air, water and soil; their life sustaining importance and the pollutants that threaten them. We not only discover the problems, but also explore options with which to solve them.


Ahoy Mateys!
Take a musical journey around the world with Justin Miera. We'll sing songs, play games, and do dances from different ports in exotic places. Its about languages, geography, history and culture all from the deck of a ship. Be prepared, we may encounter a few pirates along the way.

TOP * Workshops

Justin Miera is a certified music teacher and an accomplished musician. Through this combination he relates academic material in a musically fun way. Everyone in the audience participates in songs, games, movement, languages and stories. Each program draws upon these mediums and multi-cultural connections to motivate and inspire all your children, both intellectually and creatively. These are the most requested programs with hundreds performances given. Other programs are easily developed for your special theme (e.g., Water, USA, Winter Festivals, Harvest Festivals).

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